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CPU : 
Support Socket 478 processors with 400/533MHz FSB(INTEL Pentium 4/Celeron 4,Max 3.0Ghz)

Chipset : 
Intel 845GV North Bridge
Intel FW828010B South Bridge

The motherboard accommodates 2.5V DDR configuratios
2 x unbuffered 184-pin slot with DDR 266/333 DIMM up to 2GB memory size

Integrated Intel IGX celerator
Memory Size: Max.up to 64MB frame buffer sharing system memory
Output Interface: VGA port

Expansion Interface:
2 X PCI expansion slot 
3 X ISA expansion slot

IDE : 2 X UltraDMA 133/100/66 Connetors

Ethernet: 1 x 10/100Mbps fastEthernet Realtek RLT8100C

Sound: Realtek alc655
Compliant with AC'97 2.3 specification
18-bit stereo full-duplex CODEC with independent and variable sampling rate
3.3V digital, 5V analog power supply

The motherboard has a full set of I/O ports and connectors:
2 X PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard
1 X serial port
1 X VGA port
1 X parallel port
1 X LAN port
6 X USB 2.0 port(2 x USB header)
3 X Audio jacks for microphone,line-in and line-out
ATX power connector+ 12V(4PIN)

Award BIOS
4/8Mbit flash memory

SYSTEM control:
CPU voltage monitoring
Wake-on-LAN, Keyboard Power-on, Timer 
System power management
AC power failure recovery

Operating Temperature : 0~50°C
Operating Humidity : 
0% ~ 93% (relative humidity; non-condensing)

180 mm(W) X 293 mm(L)

INTEL 845GV with 3 ISA Slot sbc half size ISA motherboard

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