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GOTEK DMA WORLD USB Floppy Emulator for Disklavier

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

in the 80s, Yamaha introduces the legendary high-tech electro-acoustic piano “Disklavier”.

The early models of Yamaha Disklavier are equipped with floppy disk drives and use 3.5“ double-density floppy disks in Yamaha format – E-SEQ. They do not support read/write Standard MIDI File (SMF).

Later, Yamaha Disklavier starts supporting 3.5“ high density floppy disks with SMF support.

Yamaha present various models of Disklavier Pianos (Disklavier MX22, Disklavier MX80, Disklavier MX85, Disklavier MX100A, Disklavier MX100B, Disklavier MX116, Disklavier MX500, Disklavier Mark II, Disklavier Mark IIXG, Disklavier Mark III).

Some of them are floppy drives built-in, while in others the floppies are located in an external Disklavier Control Unit (Yamaha Disklavier Control Unit DKC50R, Disklavier Control Wagon DKW10, Disklavier Control Unit DKC5R, Control Unit RF PPC3, Control Unit PPC3R, Control Unit PPC5, Control Unit PPC5R, Disklavier Control Unit DKC55, Disklavier Control Unit DKC55CD, Disklavier Control Unit DKC55RCD, Disklavier Control Unit PPC55R).

Depending on the model and the years of production of Disklavier, the floppy drives come with different sizes and interfaces. Our DMA WORLD floppy emulators are tailored to this.

You can use the search bar on top to find the right emulator for your equipment. If you are unable to find your equipment, please fill in Check Compatibility form.

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